Pareteum Power 2019 Live Blog

12:53 pm EST: We are about to kick off. Here is some background on Pareteum:

1:03 pm – Kick off with quick video – experience powers value – Pareteum powers experiences.

One cloud and network = world of opportunity.

Hal Turner takes the stage – Founder, Chairman and CEO

Relaunch of a company which has four companies in its DNA

Power of experience

Customers will speak

Management panels

“We are reimagining communications. We have software and APIs for today and thinking of how we apply it going forward.”

“We have shifted control of device away from the underlying network – allowing our customers to control how it works”

We are a platform company and we will explain what it is and how it works.

100M mobile users were added last year – it is a large and fast-growing market.

“We have a unique set of services which are unbounded – you set the quality and it is unified.”

We are ambivalent to the type of network – we unify mobile, WiFi and LoRaWAN.

Our platform is driven from customer experiences.

“Subscribers are subscribing to our customers, not the underlying network.”

Smart cities are a prime use case – we will hear from P3 and City of Kiev today and their use cases.

We can provide mobile services anywhere in the world with an API

Our customers experience reduced costs – as much as 50%, they use the software and these capabilities to create new brands and compete with others using their network in lower tier settings.

They also benefit from scaling – it is software – no data center or CAPEX needed.

“We sell this as a service – pay as you go; Customers do not want a contract for ten or fifteen years.”

Where are you now, where do you want to be and how can we grow with you? We have partnerships with carriers – we aggregate this and continue to build this with every conceivable network including satellite.

Customers say it is about speed and agility.

We do a lot of R&D via acquisition and bringing in other pieces in a financially disciplined and capital allocation model.

We doubled our core revenues 2018 from 2017

We are on the pathway to growing revenue 250-300% this year.

We acquired Artillium – European company. Also, iPass, gave us 500 major brand companies. This has been a good set of acquisitions.

Becoming THE leading cloud communications company.

We are in the early days of digital revolution and transformation.

Vic Bozzo Co-Founder Chief Commercial Officer.

Customers are growing with us. Our journey started with one anchor customer, Vodafone.

The smart network allows us to lead from the front – giving you access to numerous networks, seamlessly.

Our customers came for different reasons but they can all take advantage of the full platform without having to build on disparate systems.

Our direct sales sells around the globe – we have a lead gen team that works for us. We converted 20 new customers in April.

We are moving to a channel approach – we see this as unlimited – similar to the wireless opportunity.

We make APIs that are simple and easily digestible and allow developers to use them successfully and quickly adding unbounded mobility services.

“Wireless eats everything.” Unlimited opportunity.

We provide a single pane of glass to manage all these networks to seamlessly add them to applications… Geographically unbound and the ability to access smart network and cloud anywhere in the world.

1:39 pm: video playing of Kiev smart city. Lots of stats of electronic communications between citizens and city.

Smart Light Post has an ARPU higher than a mobile device. It has a SIM card and it can communicate when it is on. It has an LCD with a separate SIM and can show ads.

Has sensors, camera and WiFi router. Becomes part of a common grid.

1:43 pm: Rob Mumby Chief Revenue Officer.

Use cases of Experience Cloud being used around the world.

Tele2 HQ in Sweden MNO, 17M subscribers – Tele2 Russia wanted to drive incremental revenue. They selected Pareteum to reach subscribers in the UK targeting Russians living there.

WIng in a NY based service provider startup attracting mobile users.

Citrix case study provided secure platform for remote workers and can make data-driven decisions around their connectivity.

Elo is largest Brazillian wholly owned credit card company.

Delivered white-label Elo branded WiFi-as-a-benefit app for customers – given as an incentive to over 3M cardholders.

Now can have targeted customer engagement.

1:57: Dave Fraser Chief Product Officer

Discussion of scale in Smart Network – the network powers the service experience.

Cloud-based packaging accesses via smart API.

Sheer richness and depth of Experience Cloud

The Smart Network harnesses cellular in 200 countries and WiFi also, the world’s largest network. We have a premium access network – private and public WiFi. We want our smart network to aggregate all of these networks.

Intelligent Network Selection puts right network in right place at right time.

Smart network realizes drops in coverage and compensates. See the green WiFI signal below which is strong when cellular gets weak – in many retail stores where cellular is weak, The pink approximates customer experience.

Value for all sectors.

We see 3 drivers in the market.

IoT device explosion, 5G and enterprise control.

They will provide flexible device platforms, work to provide optimized 5G services with minimal latency and jitter. Finally, they provide a management system for enterprises to manage costs and users.

Expect new releases in all areas.

Big data will be used more as well as AI and ML to control and better inform user experience.

2:52: Panel

Smart cities are all different because cities are different.

City of Kiev: We wanted to make our city transparent to citizens. We made an open budget project to show the spending of the city.

All citizens can come to the website and see everything that is going on with the budget.

Our mayor decided to give access to mobile users. Many software companies were used and Pareteum.

P3SmartCity: Platform as a service was missing. Pareteum allowed us to bring connectivity and add revenue streams. You can run multiple platforms in a single solution. Connectivity, advertising, how people communicate, payment gateways. We launched Things Wireless because we believe everything will be connected.

Deutsche Telekom: We have contracts and relationships with customers – enterprise and consumers. With iPass/Pareteum we have over 80 large enterprise customers. We have Lufthansa as a customer for their employees.

Telecom legend Jim Patterson Flash Wireless/ACN: Pareteum has been very very good to work with. This is not very easy to do – Pareteum does it well which is why we chose them.

There is a move from WiFI offload to using numerous networks.

We moved on to a financial discussion – things are great, they are growing quickly with more customers and connections.

A recurring theme was this is a great business – a growth company that has only just begun.

Summary: It seems the company is positioned well as the largest abstraction of wireless network resources allowing developers, MSPs, carriers, enterprises and anyone else to instantly become a provider of wireless services on a global scale.

It’s the Twilio model but brought to some extent to the real world – connecting with devices and gadgets as well as mobile users.

There is a compelling idea here – not only does Pareteum benefit from being the underlying infrastructure for new solutions and business ideas, they also benefit from the arbitrage of providing lower-cost wireless service. It’s a win/win and a unique and sustainable business based on multiple growth areas.


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