SonyEricsson Earnings

I blogged about SonyEricsson this weekend and today they announced their net profit rose 6 percent in the third quarter. Funny thing is that this article points out that the company is the sixth largest mobile-phone maker. At some point shouldn’t we be counting from the smallest. No disrespect intended of course to SonyEricsson as they make great products and are a relatively new phone player. I miss my SonyEricsson phones to this day. I wish Verizon Wireless would carry their phones. The problem is that Verizon would likely cripple the bluetooth on these devices if they did offer them. Then there is the whole CDMA Vs. GSM problem. I have heard Verizon will switch to GSM at some point and if they do that will be good news. Does this mean we will finally get fully-functioning bluetooth devices on the Verizon Wireless network? Time will tell.

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