DashPad App Store Alternative to Get Weather Widget

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DashPad App Store Alternative to Get Weather Widget

Recently I wrote about the DashPad environment from PXL Creations which allows iPad users to utilize Safari instead of the App Store to install widgets which multitask and allow you access to a bunch of tools like a calculator, notepad, calendar, searching in Google, the Yellow Pages and more. One request I made in a post on the matter was I hope that a weather widget would come soon. It seems the company will oblige me as I heard word late last night from company president Charles Carver that the weather widget is next to be released - along with performance improvements.

If you are a widget lover and have an iPad, $10 will get you access to a wonderful alternative to the Apple App Store. And yes, I know - I am the same guy who just praised the App Store for all it will do to help the US economy - but no one can accuse me of not providing you all the alternatives.

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