Shocker! People Who Buy an $800 Phone can Afford $1,000

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Shocker! People Who Buy an $800 Phone can Afford $1,000

We have been reaching tech blogs and articles from some of the most respected writers in all of tech-dom and apparently they know something that we do not. People who can afford a phone which costs $800 and often $900 after it has been loaded with memory cannot afford $1,000. Articles discussing tech haves and have nots and the new status symbol of the iPhone X have us baffled.

Finally, there is some sanity in the tech blogosphere - the realization that the iPhone X is hurting sales of the iPhone X.

Apparently tech bloggers who have never priced anything themselves have no clue how the real world works.

The perceived difference between a $1,000 and $900 phone is negligible. Couple that with some degree of exclusivity as the X is the first bezel-free iOS device and the justification for dropping a few extra C-notes is easily made.

Finally, and this is what really annoys us about the bloggers - the vast majority of people have the ability to finance their phone over years. Don't they know this? They should.

Looking at the T-Mobile site - we extrapolate it costs around $10/month for an $800 phone and perhaps $13 or $14 per month for a $1,000 phone over a period of two years.

This is not a story of haves and have nots - that describes the situation between people who can afford an $800 Apple and a $60 Android no-name device (pictured below).

Now, that's really something worth writing about.


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