Here are the Two Wearable Tech Killer Apps

We were very happy to be chosen as a top ten wearable tech expert by Nex Band who asked us for the killer apps in this exciting field. If you want know my predictions and some of the others, feel free to read the whole post.


OK, if you read this far – maybe below the fold (the part of the screen you have to scroll to read – term comes from the days of the newspaper), depending on the resolution of your screen, you deserve to see my predictions without clicking. Still, please check out the original post for all the predictions.

There will be two killer apps for mobile in the foreseeable future. One is glasses-based and will be augmented-reality related. Using such glasses, sales clerks will know the prospective customers as they walk into the store. Surgeons will be able to to better operate by navigating around major blood vessels. Industrial mechanics will be able to better service complex machinery.

The other will be watch/band related and health oriented. Better sensors will allow you to know your blood sugar level and other important medical information continuously. This could lead to less heart attacks and other major health issues.

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