Verizon Voyager: iPhone Killer?

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Verizon Voyager: iPhone Killer?

With all the hoopla surrounding the iPhone it is not surprising that Verizon Wireless is touting a suite of new phones and one – the LG Electronics Voyager is being touted as an iPhone killer. The device runs on the faster Verizon Wireless data network (Probably EVDO Rev. A) and has a keyboard. These are the two Achilles heels of the current iPhone. The device is similar to Apple’s phone in that it has a touch screen and web browser built-in.
So will this device be an iPhone killer? No, probably not. But still, this phone could be a look at a solid competitor to the iPhone and if it is successful it may convince Apple to come out with a device that has a keyboard as well.
Read more on MSNBC.
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Update: I just saw the PC Magazine review of the phone and was both happy and sad that Verizon has a better and worse device than the iPhone. As with all technology, it is all about the tradeoffs you are willing to endure.
The author owns shares in Apple and surprisingly has no iPhone. In addition he uses Verizon Wireless for laptop broadband connectivity and phone service via the XV6700 phone.

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