GoTo Unveils Contact Center Pro and GoPilot, Helping to Redefine Business Communications and IT Support

In a move to help transform the landscape of IT management, support, and business communications, GoTo has unveiled two innovative solutions: Contact Center Pro and GoPilot. These offerings are set to redefine efficiency, convenience, and innovation for mid-market and enterprise-sized businesses, as well as IT professionals across the globe.

Contact Center Pro: A Leap Forward for Customer Engagement

GoTo Contact Center Pro marks a significant expansion in GoTo’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) offerings, tailored specifically for medium and large companies. This modern, flexible solution is designed to meet the growing demands of businesses for a platform that combines affordability with advanced omnichannel capabilities, powerful integrations, and access to rich data and insights.

Since more than 80% of customers prioritize good service in their purchasing decisions, Contact Center Pro aims to bridge the gap by providing a seamless, integrated customer experience. Features include advanced analytics for personalized customer engagement, optimized agent performance through real-time reporting, and easy scalability to grow with business needs.

GoPilot: Revolutionizing IT Management with AI

The introduction of GoPilot, GoTo’s new AI assistant for GoTo Resolve, represents a significant leap in IT management and support. By harnessing the power of OpenAI‚Äôs API platform alongside GoTo-owned AI technologies, GoPilot offers a comprehensive, interactive assistant that automates diagnostics, guides resolutions, and proactively prevents future IT issues.

With capabilities like streamlined device diagnostics, language translation for global support, automatic patch management, and policy deployment, GoPilot is poised to transform the daily operations of IT professionals, making workflows effortless and more efficient.

Michael Day, GoTo VP of Global Partner Sales

Innovation at the Heart of GoTo’s Mission

In a recent in-person interview, Michael Day, VP of Global Partner Sales, and Tony Haller, Global Head of IT Partner Sales and Strategy, they emphasized the importance of innovation and the role of AI in enhancing user roles and improving the skills of humans through technology. They were proud to point out, their contact center solution was Born in cloud and has no tech debt like other solutions. This allows for fast innovation and the power of AI for faster product creation. They see AI enhancing the role of the user… Improving the skills of the human via technology and strong integrations and better ecosystems. Finally, MDM allows management of mobile device and health and status to be shared with other IT products.

With over 3,000 employees and annual revenue exceeding $1 billion, GoTo’s commitment to the partner community and rapid innovation are central to its strategy.

The company’s focus on strong integrations and building better ecosystems is evident in its approach to product development, leveraging AI for faster innovation and practical applications. This strategy has enabled GoTo to remain agile, offering solutions that integrate seamlessly into the products consumers use daily, including communication, collaboration, and CRM platforms.

Tony Haller, GoTo Global Head of IT Partner Sales and Strategy

A Global Impact and Future Directions

In 2023, GoTo’s partners delivered customers in over 100 countries, showcasing the global reach and impact of its solutions. The company’s strong performance in verticals like automotive, retail health, and education demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of GoTo’s solutions/platform.

Looking ahead, GoTo remains committed to addressing the pain points of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), such as the need for more efficient service delivery and the utilization of AI to bridge the skills gap. By focusing on innovation and leveraging its comprehensive platform, GoTo aims to empower businesses and IT professionals to achieve more with less, driving forward the future of IT management and business communications.

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