Ditech Networks Update

The latest at Ditech Networks is that the company has hired Hossein Eslambolchi as a technical advisor. Generally, hiring a technical advisor is not big news but Eslambolchi is a bit of a celebrity having a distinguished career in engineering and his best-known role was perhaps his tenure at AT&T where he held multiple titles including CTO.

What this does for Ditech Networks is give them access to someone who lived deep in the trenches with intimate knowledge of all things telecom. The markets Ditech plays in specifically are transcoding, session border control and its more recent messaging has focused on voice quality improvements for wireless carriers.

The company has shown that increased voice quality leads to reduced carrier churn and they are obviously right.

In order to help get this message out and penetrate wireless carriers more effectively expect  Eslambolchi to open doors at carriers worldwide.

For the famous engineer, this move puts him back in the semi-spotlight and for Ditech, this move adds a prominent name to a company looking to lift sales.

  • Edwin
    July 7, 2008 at 1:43 am

    Ditech Networks Inc. (DITC) supplies voice processing equipment for telecommunications networks. The firm’s voice enhancement and echo cancellation products enable communications providers to regulate the distracting echoes that can occur in long distance, satellite and cell phone calls. Its Voice over Internet Protocol products deliver dependable service across network security boundaries, without network restructuring.

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