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Nokia 9300i

What can I say except that I desperately want one of these smartphones from Nokia.. I may even switch from Verizon to a GSM provider just so I have access to this phone.

I really want to ditch my Blackberry because while it does a good job at e-mail I need something that also lets me browse websites if needed. The 7750 is abysmal as a web surfing tool. The scroll wheel while great for e-mail just doesn’t do what you need when interacting with websites.

Enter the 9300i from Nokia that is taller and skinner than a typical smartphone but is packed with features such as a native e-mail client that supports POP3, IMAP4,SMTP and OMA data sync. The device can even support fax, mobile VPN, and firewall protection.

The 9300i weighs a scant 172 grams or 6 ounces, has 80 MB of memory and a MMC slot with hotswap capability.

The display is a good size at 640x200 and the color support is great at 65,536.

As you might have guessed there is WiFi (802.11g) support and the phone doubles as a music player, alarm clock and virtually anything else you can think of.

Here are some additional features worth noting:

Multimedia Messaging (MMS)
  • Multimedia messaging (MMS) with compatible devices: send and receive messages with text, a sound clip, and an image or a video clip to other compatible devices
  • Multi-slide presentations as MMS with compatible devices
  • Delivery reports
  • Multiple recipients
  • Scaling
  • Access your own and private email accounts
  • Support for Nokia Business Center email
  • Supported 3rd-party email clients: BlackBerry Connect, Seven Always-On Mail, Visto email technology
  • Support protocols: IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, and OMA Data Synchronization
Text Messaging (SMS)
  • SMS distribution list
  • Message register
  • Predictive text input (T9) in cover
  • Picture messaging: receive graphics with text from other compatible phones

  • Possibility to attach portrait images to contacts Imaging
  • Video player: RealVideo, MPEG4, and H.263 formats supported
In short this is a killer device and I want to get my hands on one as soon as possible. This could be the single tool business people need to act as a phone and e-mail device.

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