UMPCs Selling Strong

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UMPCs Selling Strong

Taiwan's Asustek Computer Inc. is doing very well thank you. Why? The company behind the Eee PC is seeing strong sales. Chief Executive Jerry Shen said the company is expecting revenue will grow 26 percent to $834.3 million in September with the prospects for October and November even brighter.

According to the AP, On Tuesday, Asustek unveiled a new Eee PC model, the S101, aimed at Christmas shoppers in Europe and the United States that costs $699. The new machine boasts an ultra-thin, ultra-light style. It weighs only 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) and is a half-inch (1.8 centimeters) thick.

This reminds me of last May when Palm released the Foleo and I said no one wanted it. Turns out I (and others) was/were right and Palm later discontined the product. They were going to come out with a newer version -- I suggested it be a UMPC. As recently as last October there was confirmation (I take this with a grain of salt) of a Foleo 2 coming out but since then I haven't heard anything.

One wonders what would have happened if Palm did really create a compelling ultra mobile computer -- it could save the company and by the looks of things, it badly needs saving.

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