The Talkument Evolution

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The Talkument Evolution

Have you ever compared an e-mail conversation to one by phone? I can search e-mail conversations and forward them as needed. These conversations via e-mail become part of a company's knowledge base and can be used for analytics and other purposes. There is a gold mine in corporate e-mail if you know how to access this vital information.

For all the talk of communications progress, it is ironic that the traditional telephone call is not recorded, analyzed, forwarded or shared. Why? I am not sure, but at least one company is trying to change what I see as a problem.

I had a chance to sit down with Jack Wikselaar Director of strategic relations at Oaisys, the company behind the personal telephone recording solution Talkument to hear how business is progressing.

You may recall, I first discussed the company's products last summer and since then Oaisys has found the uptake in the medical industry to be quite good as apparently 60% of insurance claims are contested. Now, a doctor can easily shoot over a file to the insurance company showing they did say they would pay for that ingrown toenail operation.

Obviously the insurance and financial markets too are benefiting from this sort of solution and as you may recall, phone recordings made by the company have complex security levels allowing you to share parts of a conversation with others if you so choose.

Some of the recent enhancements to the system are that you can now record select trunk groups or telephone extensions. In addition, you can select whether calls to or from certain phone numbers should be recorded or not.

The company has also improved its Boolean search allowing numerous parameters to be used when looking for that proverbial "needle recording" in the haystack.

The current version is 1.1 and the cost is an MSRP of: $9,950 for 48 IP endpoints or 48 (analog or digital) trunks.

Future versions will allow the Talkument devices to be networked and look for speech recognition and MS Outlook integration soon.

The company does not sell direct so OEM and reseller partners are wanted.

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