Plantronics Doing Something Big

Plantronics is planning something big. I have discussed this before and they are staying pretty quiet about what they are working on. Moreover whatever they are doing has been in development for over a year and they aren’t close enough to a launch to even drop serious hints.

Two things I do know is they want to be big in CEBP space and they are also looking to extend the headset paradigm.

It is tough to know what they have up there sleeves but the only hint I have is that when I asked if they are looking to add a heads up display to the headset, they say they did consider this idea but decided against it.

So I can only conclude they will be getting more deeply into the mobile device market. I suppose there is room for the company in the space occupied by Polycom. Remember that last year they denied this was the case. They could make desksets and handsets but they could go one step further and add speech rec and a layer of middleware allowing the merging of mobile and fixed line phones.

One immediate need the company could fill would be to GPS-enable their headsets or at least make them the center of presence dissemination. Perhaps the company has a new presence standard where their headsets will send this info to UC servers?

Going out on a limb, I would imagine the company could be looking at Apple and perhaps they want to come out with an iPhone-like device which is more UC-enabled?

I have never had a company sort of hint at a new product launch for over a year and I am certainly on the edge of my seat. If you know anything about what is going on or even some ideas of what they should do, feel free to drop me a line.

In the mean time the company has a new wideband headset in beta which supports Microsoft OCS and should make for a great review in the near future.

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