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Westport VoIP

Although this may not be earth-shattering news, I find it personally satisfying to see that after about ten years of publishing Internet Telephony Magazine and holding Internet Telephony Conference & Expo, that the town of Westport, CT has decided they will go VoIP.

The city will spend $1.25 million dollars in fact to VoIP-enable the town, the Board of Education and the Westport Public Library. Some of the concerns raised about this install are what happens if the power goes out.

I should mention that Westport is the neighboring town to Norwalk, CT where TMC headquarters are located. A tidbit which may eventually help you win Trivial Pursuit is that occasionally you will find TMC team members heading to Westport for lunch to have sushi.

Westport is also fairly affluent as cities in Connecticut go. Darien, Greenwich and New Canaan are a few other cities in Connecticut which also have high levels of wealth.

Now the question is, who will win the bid as price will likely not be an object.

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