Yahoo Enlists Home Page to Fight Icahn

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Yahoo Enlists Home Page to Fight Icahn

yahoo-ad.jpgThe Yahoo takeover offer by Microsoft and the subsequent saga that has ensued is unusual in my recollection of corportate takeovers. The latest chapter in the saga is Yahoo now using its home page to fight Carl Icahn. The ad they are running on their home page (pictured) really targets shareholders and others who are interested in the gory details of a corporate takeover.

What is most interesting is how Yahoo points to (see below) how unsuccessful Carl Icahn has been in his past efforts to increase shareholder value. Certainly, in an official bear market, it is fairly easy to make Icahn look bad.

Check out this TechCrunch article for more on the story.


Icahn's Recent Involvements with Public Companies (1)

Company Involved Since Change in Stock Price Since Initial Involvement(2)
Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. May 2008 down >(20%)
Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Mar 2008 down >(15%)
The Greenbrier Companies Feb 2008 down >(5%)
Guaranty Financial Jan 2008 down >(70%)
Federal-Mogul Corp. Jan 2008 down >(30%)
BEA Systems Sept 2007(3) up >45%
Biogen Idec Aug 2007 up >1%
Motorola Inc. Jan 2007 down >(60%)
Cyberonics, Inc. Jan 2007 Up >20%
WCI Communities Inc. Jan 2007 down >(90%)
Telik, Inc. Jan 2007 down >(80%)
Lear Corporation Oct 2006 down >(45%)
Time Warner Inc. Aug 2005 down >(20%)
Temple Inland, Inc. Feb 2005 down >(55%)(4)
Blockbuster Inc. Dec 2004 down >(70%)

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