YouTube, Gmail and Snapchat Down Thanks to Google Outage

One of the challenges of major cloud outages is a number of services go down at once. In this case, YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google Drive and Snapchat and more are suffering an outage in some parts of the world thanks to Google Cloud.

The news comes in less that 48 hours after we learned the Federal government is beginning to investigate Google for potential antitrust violations.

You may recall, we mentioned in 2009 the close relationship between Eric Schmidt and President Obama was designed to thwart such an investigation. We were likely right based on this antitrust news.

But we digress.

The outage began Sunday, June 2nd, 3:25 pm EST and has gone on for a number of hours since.

YouTube’s outage was primarily on the east coast of the U.S. as well as other select areas throughout the Americas. The outage extended to Europe and Russia.

We tested YouTube at 5:25 pm EST and it was working for us using an ISP in Connecticut. We also tried a web browser in Germany via the TOR browser and YouTube seemed fine.

YouTube and Gmail were down on March 13th as well.


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