Positive LifeLock Experience

Being on the front lines of tech and communications news I am aware of so many data breaches that identity theft scares me. As a result I subscribed to LifeLock over  a year ago and have questioned the investment a few times as they really don’t provide a service I see.

Truth be told I do recall the system alerting me to a bunch of sex offenders who have moved into my city and/or the surrounding area. Another part of the service they provide.

I’m never quite sure what to do with this information though. I suppose you don’t want to hire any of the people on the list as a babysitter so that is one way in which this information could be useful.

Well today my bank convinced me I needed one of their shiny new credit cards and I relented. While filling out the application on the computer I received an email on my phone from LifeLock alerting me to the new credit card application. I logged onto the system and they showed me the alert.

I then received a call a few hours later letting me know I should log in and approve the alert if it is legitimate. I didn’t know I was supposed to do that but I just did.

Like many others I became alarmed after the company was fined for deceptive marketing practices but at least now that LifeLock has shown me what happens when a credit card is opened using my information I can relax – it seems the company’s service does work as advertised.

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