The Internet Security Challenge

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The Internet Security Challenge

I had a meeting with Jiri Kuthan AVP Engineering of Tekelec regarding some of the challenges his company sees in the communications and technology markets. The first is security which he says is an underappreciated topic. One point he made was that operators are beginning to think more systematically about SBCs. They aren't just throwing boxes at their problems anymore as he says but instead they are beginning to focus on systematically improving their security policies and procedures.

He is not discounting the importance of the SBC, just explaining there is more to it than adding equipment to handle the problem.

Another point he made was that identity or lack of it is a problem online. Jiri said, "How many calls did I receive which were anonymous which were of use to me." He continued, "Anonymity is a perfect vehicle for annoyance, spam, fraud, security attacks."

He went on to explain that there are numerous political and technical issues which come up - specifically, privacy protection vs. identity exposure.

We didn't go into much detail beyond these concerns but I hope to have my team work even more closely with Tekelec going forward so we can share solutions to some of the problems outlined above.

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