Resolve Systems Buys FixStream for AIOps to Build Self-Healing IT

IT automation and orchestration platform Resolve Systems purchased AIOps vendor FixStream. With 7x revenue growth over the last 24 months, FixStream is one of the fastest-growing AIOps platforms. Its proven solution provides automated dependency mapping that dynamically tracks the changing relationships between applications and underlying infrastructure to aid in quickly diagnosing the root cause of performance issues and outages. It also leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and contextualize large volumes of systems data, enabling the solution to detect patterns that predict future issues across the entire IT stack.

Interview with FixStream at AIOps Expo 2019

Ultimately, the long-term vision for the combined Resolve and FixStream solution is to aid customers in achieving the long-awaited promise of “self-healing IT.” Combining FixStream’s multi-layer visibility and predictive analytics with Resolve’s cross-domain, service-level automation capabilities will arm customers with an unparalleled ability to automatically predict, prevent, and fix issues autonomously. Leveraging dynamic dependency mapping and AI-driven insights to inform, auto-update, and trigger intelligent automations, Resolve will be able to deliver a closed-loop system of discovery, analysis, detection, prediction, and automation.

John Ferron, CEO of Resolve

“We believe that FixStream’s AIOps and infrastructure mapping capabilities are a perfect marriage with Resolve’s enterprise automation platform, providing game-changing functionality that will enable customers to achieve unprecedented agility, speed and simplicity in IT operations,” said John Ferron, CEO of Resolve. “By combining our powerful, cross-domain automation with insights from FixStream’s artificial intelligence, we’ll be able to help IT teams accelerate their digital transformation journey.”

Sameer Padhye, CEO and founder of FixStream

“Together, Resolve and FixStream offer IT organizations the complete automation platform they have been looking for. We’ve repeatedly heard the need for a solution that brings together best-in-class AIOps with proven, cross-domain automation capabilities and are thrilled to see this vision become reality,” said Sameer Padhye, CEO and founder of FixStream. “Beyond the synergies that exist within our products, we share the common goal of helping IT organizations address the challenges posed by modern IT infrastructure and improve service delivery.”

We find the combination of Resolve and FixStream to make a lot of sense. A few months back we reported Virtual Instruments is also focusing on orchestration and automation… Allowing the machines to make intelligent decisions to remove humans from day-to-to management. Extreme Networks also made a huge splash with its Extreme Elements which enables the autonomous enterprise. This is fairly similar to the idea of the self-healing and functioning network. Extreme then purchased Aerohive.

Getting back to AIOps – the space is hot and getting hotter. We recently reported ScienceLogic has been ranked as a Top 3 AIOps provider and AIOps vendor Dynatrace filed for an IPO.

We expect the trend to continue because large networks are impossible for humans to manage and they need to be always on, always functioning. Companies can’t tolerate downtime and are only going to grow the number of servers, devices and clouds they use. Soon, many will be adding dozens or hundreds of edge-computing facilities to their overall data infrastructure. Then there is 5G which will enable millions of IoT devices to be located in relatively tight geographic areas.

The bottom line is networks need to become self-diagnosing, intelligent and self-healing and this is why this transaction makes sense to us.

We are looking forward to welcoming the AIOps community to the second annual AIOps Expo, part of the ITEXPO #TechSuperShow, Feb 12-14, 2020 Fort Lauderdale, FL.


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