Plastic Bans: Jeff Bezos is a Genius

Food shopping in the state of Connecticut has become a nightmare. Why? Plastic bags have been banned and paper ones now cost money. People like their plastic bags and they like them free.

Sure, you can carry around bags in your car and then bring them into the store with you but many people forget and just don’t buy everything they normally wood while at the store because they forgot their bags.

Here is the amazing part – we are told plastic bans are good for the environment and no doubt they are. The challenge is – making it more difficult to purchase in the store means more online purchasing.

Or more trips to the store.

The question is – what is worse, having plastic bags in use or making the UPS driver deliver many of the things you used to get at the grocery store?

The beauty of Amazon Prime is you can order one item if you like and not pay to have it shipped.

This means you can and likely will end up ordering numerous times online instead of adding to your order of eggs and milk that you likely will buy at the grocery store.

Oh – we are low on cereal. Whoops, we need bread. “Mom, we’re out of Pop-Tarts,” and so on.

So is it better to use plastic bags or have numerous trips with a diesel truck to your door? Not to mention the fact that these items could all be shipped on a plane from somewhere – when you need them.

Then there is the cardboard box and whatever packing material is used.

The genius of Bezos is he owns the Washington Post who has been pushing the no plastic agenda.

Here is what happens when you search for plastic pollution on the WaPo site.

There is at least two stories a week on the topic. Plastic in the Delaware River which can kill, How to cut down on single-use plastic at home, A practical solution to the plastics pollution crisis, etc.

Some of these are AP stories but they are still found on the Washington Post site.

We can’t help but marvel at the genius of getting local governments to ban plastic bags which will no doubt significantly increase diesel and jet fuel emissions. The man is a genius. What does that make the politicians?


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