We Don’t need a #AmazonCart Hashtag

Generally I think Amazon is an amazing company doing amazing things and I am a big fan of Twitter but I don’t see any reason why the launch of #AmazonCart will be a big deal for anyone. The idea is you use a hashtag to add an item to your shopping cart.

I am also an avid user of Twitter I might add but I don’t understand why I would want to put something in my Amazon cart from Twitter; especially if I then have to go to Amazon to finish the process.

Perhaps I am unique but the system I use now of adding to cart or buying with a 1-click strategy works amazingly well for me.

Moreover, do we really need yet another way for hackers to get into our ecommerce systems?

For the record, I believe many of my predictions are accurate but I did botch! the Kindle prediction – I didn’t think it would be a mainstream product as a book reader.

Your thoughts on the matter – if you have any, are welcome below.

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