Apple Leaked iPhone 11 Design Unremarkable

If there is one major differentiator in phones, it has to be the camera. Foldable designs aren’t ready for prime time – Best Buy just cancelled preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold today in fact.

This gets us back to cameras and resolution and zoom, many of the things people look for in a standalone camera.

A video of the new iPhone 11 is a concept based on leaked molds at this point and it likely will not have an in-display fingerprint reader.

Image Source: Hasan Kaymak

We do know it will be faster than current phones – will likely feature more wizardy for AR/VR and be much better at gaming.

Obviously – it will also be more camera-centric, a trend which will continue.

Otherwise we expect it to be unremarkable from a hardware design point of view.

Perhaps the smartphone has been perfected and foldable is the next fontier.

Until then, we can expect incremental improvements. Check it out below.


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