In Meetings Today in Indy

I am in meetings for part of the day and then onto the airport. Will be back soon.

Two pieces of news of note — AT&T has announced 10k 12K layoffs and Nokia sees less mobile phones being sold.

While both pieces of news are important and I obviously feel terrible for people who lose jobs, this is not unexpected news.

It will be very interesting to see how Apple does in a slowing handset market.

  • Peter
    December 4, 2008 at 11:09 am

    The layoffs were actually forecast a month ago from AT&T. They have sloughed off so many jobs, you have to wonder at what point do they stop getting anything done. Who leaves? Typically, the talented leave – because they can (get another job) and because they don’t want to or have to work in an environment defined by heavy cost-cutting and labor shrinkage. Results to be seen but I think they have plateaued. Less to come.
    Nokia – what can I say about this company with no clue? Smartphones are expensive AND they now contain apps, data, info that people can’t / won’t migrate. It was hard enough for many to save / move address books from phone to phone. How do you move all the other stuff? It will take more than iPhone 3G rev 2. It will take more than Nokia has been offering at ($400-600) which is more than an UMPC cost. Nokia requires a GSM SIM card, which isn’t easy to get from T-Mobile or AT&T. Like Avis, Nokia needs to try harder.

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