New iPad Being Released by Apple

Update – the new iPad will be called “The New iPad.” Not the iPad 3 or the iPad HD.

While we don’t have a name for this new device yet – iPad 3 or iPad HD are what the rumor mill says, Tim Cook has verified the display will be a retina display at 264 pixels per inch. Apple says this is a million more pixels than a home HDTV. Moreover it will have an A5X quad-core processor.

CEO Tim Cook went on to differentiate the iPad from Android tablets showing how apps from Yelp and Twitter look like smartphone apps blown up when used on an Android tablet while on the iPad they look much better.

There will also be support for AT&T and Verizon 4G and more bundled apps. In addition, there will be dictation software included.

There will also be HD video recording at 1080P as well as a 5 megapixel camera and HD video conferencing and personal hotspot capability. There is also image stabilization similar to the iPhone 4S.

The price will be $499 for a 16 gig device. there will also be a 32 and 64 GB version as well. $629 is the entry-level price for a 4G model.

There will also be a video storage locker which will will let users re-download movies – effectively competing with Netflix to some degree.

Battery life is to be 9-10 hours – similar to the iPad2.

iPhoto for iPad will allow photo beaming between devices. No word on which devices or iOS version will be needed to accomplish this feat.

The question many people are asking is what is the killer feature requiring people to upgrade. Is the processor a big enough reason? Well the current quad-core processor is plenty fast for most apps – especially web browsing and book reading which are fairly common uses for tablets. Will the improved camera capability be a big enough deal? I can’t see why if most people use a smartphone as a camera – holding up a tablet makes a user look pretty silly.

This leaves the retina display that will likely really shine when gaming – perhaps some graphic artists will need this functionality as well. The 4G capability is fantastic but then again the 3G network from AT&T is plenty fast and most users don’t need anything more.

So the challenge is the there is no leap forward – I am confident gaming will get much better but unlike the camera additions which was a reason to upgrade from iPad 1 to iPad 2, there don’t seem to be any apps besides speech rec which require you to purchase this new iPad which is still nameless at this point.

The device will be available March 16th, 2012 – to date the Apple website has not been updated with information about this device.

Apple’s website is under some strain – there may even be an outage based on numerous devices I have used to access the site. The reason for the outtage was the site updated ti show info about the new iPad which the company calls “Resolutionary.”

Tom Keating has a great roundup of features, functions and photos.

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