The Other Side of the iPad 2 Hype

While virtually every article you read about the iPad 2 release is positive and I expect it to be a hit – I already instructed my team to get one for me, there are two sides to every coin. For example, Seth Weintraub has a great piece on CNN/Money – Fortune the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field where he discusses how information is being presented in a potentially misleading manner.

Perhaps the item which is most shocking is claiming the iPad 2 is the first tablet to ship in volume with a dual-core processor. The Dell Streak 7, Motorola Xoom for example both are shipping and have dual core processors. Moreover the Atrix is a dual-core phone which is shipping in volume.

The question of course is what does “in volume” mean? If it means shipping as many devices as Apple does then you can make any claim you want as no other manufacturer (for now anyways) will be able to keep up.

One final point is you should appreciate negative articles about companies like Apple – as quite often reporters and companies are restricted from getting information, invites to media events, review units etc, if they write negative articles about certain organizations.

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