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I am in New York today at the Cloudforce 2011 event and it kicked off with a conversation with a user from SunTrust Financial and Forrester Research – so far the event is heavily Twitter, social and smart device focused.


Kelly Services is using Chatter for about 9,000 people to help with information sharing and discovery of other related people in the organization – and using it to discover talent and engage with customers.


Demos of Chatter:


Cloud needs principles, not standards. Companies are using social networks as a sales/marketing tool.

Audience enjoying a presentation on the growth of social networks and mobile devices – China, Facebook and Twitter prominently featured. What, no Charlie Sheen??

Mark Benioff takes the stage – says 5,000 people registered for the event. 3,000 people showed up and 6,000 are watching remotely – 43 demo stations, lots of partners etc.


Talk of how fast the company is growing – massive cash and $1.8B run rate.

2,000 PCs at are the equivalent of 200-300,000 computers that customers would need. “That’s the power of multi-tenancy.” Look at the environmental impact and carbon impact.

If we want more efficiency and and to use less energy, this is the model. See for more.

We need a cloud computing test – to be aware of the false cloud which is not democratic, environmental, efficient, etc. this was a reference to competitors who have a hybrid premise-based approach.

We are making a $1M contribution to City College of New York.

Massive growth is taking place in social as well as mobile devices.


Apps need to evolve to be less like Amazon and more like Facebook – they need to evolve allowing feeds to come to us – based upon what we determine we would like to follow.

Facebook imperative is the shift to hosted apps – moving away from disks and to new operating systems like iOS and development platforms like Ruby On Rails. this is why we are rebuilding our apps – allowing feeds to be integrated – allowing social apps to be built quickly. Also new database API allowing cloud-based integration. We have delivered this with next gen and

We will deliver databases cheaper. We have a vision of giving you a broad range of tools allowing you to be successful. We took Sitemasher – a company we purchased and rewrote it and renamed it as SiteForce.

Our new service cloud – #2 with App Exchange with social integration will be demoed today.

Video will become a much larger part of customer service in the future.

Marc says the iPad has changed his life. “As we have 6,000 employees, it is tough to know what is going on. he showed his iPad and the groups he participates in and showed us how he follows what is happening in the company each day.


Chatter is most successful product for us ever. Lotus Notes was conceived of before Mark Zuckerberg [was born].

“Go to to get going for free – or get it on Apple App Store.”

Jigsaw: we have invested a great deal in it and we are integrating it . This summer there will be native integration with Jigsaw – you’ll be able to clean the data right int he app – get an email address or correct the spelling, etc.

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