What Verizon, Time Warner Think of Video Shift


As TV shifts to mobile phones and the web it is interesting to see Verizon, Time Warner Cable and Time Warner the entertainment company all think they will be OK as the evolution continues. Verizon thinks FiOS will help them differentiate through add-ons and services like 3D made possible by its higher capacity lines.

Time Warner Cable thinks they are shielded from any problems because they will be supplying broadband lines which will not be affected by the change. Time Warner – the entertainment company for its part thinks it’s in OK shape because it supplies content – regardless of distribution method.

Last May, I wrote about how TV disruption may happen more slowly than you think and while my past post deals with content providers who are in no hurry to give up billions of dollars of affiliate fees to stream content for free, we need to look at the situation from the perspective of the user. As Apple TV gets better and other over the top providers such as Google start to push the change in TV viewing habits, the content provider not playing in the game may be left out and find themselves playing catch-up.

Remember when NBC decided to work with Amazon instead of Apple and then changed their iTune Wink so to speak as Amazon had a fraction of the audience of Apple? Well if when Google and Apple turn on virtual switches and instantly enable their hundreds of millions of handsets and tablets to be televisions, which content provider can afford to be late to the party? I say none.

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