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The US Government looking to increase car sales and reduce fuel consumption embarked upon an unprecedented campaign called Cash For Clunkers which paid car buyers up to $4,500 per car traded up for a newer, fuel-efficient vehicle. What started as a $1 billion dollar government program has quickly been used up and the Feds are reacting quickly and will potentially allocate a few billion dollars more towards this program.

While the government has given a massive incentive to consumers to get them into showrooms, other industries such as the technology space have been able to leverage similar savings for companies looking to upgrade their phone systems. And this has been done through innovation, not US tax dollars.

Companies in the know are switching to VoIP/IP communications in order to not only save money but in many cases become more productive in a business environment where workers are expected to be connected more frequently and seamlessly than ever. SIP trunking for example is a technology which can slash phone bills more effectively than a Hollywood horror movie star. In fact in a recent conversation with SIP trunking provider Broadvox, David Byrd, VP Marketing and Sales explained they have a customer case study where the savings was $2,616.34/month – an almost 50% savings on their previous bills. In one year this amounts to more than $31,000 – and that is significant cash!

Another company Kool Smiles switched to SIP trunks with solutions in part powered by Ingate Systems and in the process cut their communications costs by 40% by putting 35,000 calls a day over IP communications. The entire suite of new hardware paid for itself in less than a year via long-distance savings.

Then there are video-based IP communications solutions from companies like Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg, Grandstream, LifeSize and others which are responsible for helping companies drastically reduce travel costs. In addition they boost corporate productivity allowing disparate teams to communicate remotely – virtually as if they were located in the same office.

So while the federal government of the US is pushing consumers to buy new automobiles, in the communications space the incentives already exist to trade in phone systems which are old and inefficient for something new which pays for itself with lower long distance bills and adds productivity and reduces travel costs as a bonus.

September 1-3 in Los Angeles, California – the world’s communications industry will convene at ITEXPO to explore cost-effective solutions which will either replace or augment old, antiquated communications systems. These new solutions will allow companies to take advantage of unified communications, fixed-mobile convergence, telecom expense management and a host of other concepts which not only save money but keep companies competitive. Best of all they are as good for the planet as driving a new and energy-efficient car is. In some cases, they are much better as they encourage less travel by traditional methods such as driving, flying or taking the train.

I for one am surprised the government isn’t giving rebates to get companies of all sizes to explore new phone systems which are by definition much greener. Then again, one can argue the benefits of trading that old phone system clunker in for something new which will save money and make you more productive is all the incentive an organization really needs

I look forward to seeing you at ITEXPO soon where we can explore this concept in greater detail.

Many parts of the show which will help you take advantage of Cash for Clunker Phone Systems – here are some helpful links to get you started:

  • Tom Perri
    August 16, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    Cash for Clunkers… trade up your phone system? Why not… and while you’re at it add a Cantata to your plans! Preowned – Perfect “Cantata 2090” see it on eBay…

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