GENBAND Completes Cedar Point Acquisition

Analysts liken Charlie Vogt the CEO of GENBAND (pictured) to John Chambers and his presentation style and confidence shined through at the company’s recent Perspectives event which I live blogged. It was at this conference where I realized Charlie would be someone the industry should hear more from. Under his leadership the company has assembled a mini Alcatel-Lucent or Cisco – depending on how you look at it.

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The company is private but the event was filled with bankers looking to participate in a potential future IPO.

With the latest acquisition of Cedar Point completed, it is obvious they are focusing on growth and serving customers with an ever-widening portfolio of products. For those of you with long memories, you remember GENBAND was founded in 1999 as General Bandwidth.

What you may not know is the company has now shipped over 200 million IP ports!

The Texas-based company touts their superior operational systems which help fuel their growth by exploiting efficiency arbitrage which is often fueled by the acquisition of distressed assets utilizing inferior operating procedures.

So we are witnessing something similar to Cisco in that acquisitions quickly add to the bottom line as efficiency wrings out more profit than the standalone companies are able to produce themselves. In the case of Cisco it is the sheer size of the marketing and sales machine that makes acquisitions so attractive. To some degree this is the case now  with GENBAND – especially with the purchase of Nortel’s assets which came with a large global sales footprint.

The one big difference between a Cisco and a GENBAND is the latter doesn’t have the big brand name – yet.

This could be a huge year for the company and in a few weeks, Charlie will come out swinging– telling the world how the company is going to continue being a major player in the telecom market by helping its customers run more efficiently, deploy app stores and more.

Here are the details on Charlie Vogt’s keynote at ITEXPO Feb 2-4, 2011. I hope to see you there.

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