Cyara Helps Banks Improve Service Levels

One of the challenges call center managers have is testing their systemscyara.png when deploying new solutions or modifying existing ones. As the most crucial link to many customer interactions, the contact center can play a pivotal role in keeping customers happy, continuing to recommend a company and keeping them coming back for more.

To learn more, I sat down with Lynn Evans who is an independent systems engineer deploying call center solutions. In the past she has worked for banks such as Franklin Templeton Investments and Wells Fargo. She brought me up to speed on a testing company she is working with called Cyara Solutions. According to Evans, “The solutions cost less than other tools – you can buy it for less than the cost of renting from the competition.” She went on to explain that using Cyara’s solutions allowed her QA team to focus more on intelligent evaluation rather than grunt work.

Other salient comments she made was with this system she could test 100% of changes not just a fraction of them. This resulted in a deployment time of one-day instead of up to eight-weeks using other systems she said.

The company’s CMO Dan Nordale told me the company is relaunching the brand and thinks they are poised for significant growth in the future. They seem to have a nice niche in banking as the company says nine of the top 20 banks are using them so far. You may recall I covered the company back in 2011 – discussing how Cyara helps banks improve customer service.

After the dotcom and telecom meltdowns of 2000 we went through a period of decreased focus on customer service by companies as they had bigger problems to deal with. A decade plus has changed this mindset as companies not only realize that unhappy customers will leave them, they will more importantly badmouth them on social networks resulting in reduced sales for many years to come.

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