Mida LiteCallCenter and Ribbon Launch Microsoft Teams, Azure Call Center and Recording Solution

Mida and Ribbon recently present the first complete call center and call recording solution for Microsoft Teams in the Azure environment. Co-Sell ready products can be directly downloaded and tested from the Microsoft Marketplace, ensuring the complete compatibility with the Microsoft platforms.

Mida Lite Call Center (LCC) is Mida Solutions’ application for ACD and Routing of incoming phone calls. It provides full management of call queues and distribution algorithms to the available agents and is complemented with an advanced Operator Console (the agent workstation) and Supervisor Console, that provides a performance view into the call center activity and the possibility to manage agents and queues dynamically.
“Lite” is relative as Mida’s LCC can scale up to hundreds of agents’ positions and includes all the functionality required to efficiently handle large traffic volumes.
MidaRec is a complete Call Recording system, supporting multiple recording methods on a single, easy to configure and administrate virtual appliance. The offered solution provides centralized call archiving, complete recording functionalities based on mirror port sniffing, active call recording with standalone SIP VoIP resources and a set of collector modules supporting a wide spectrum of scenarios, from legacy E1 TDM to the recent IP-based platforms as Skype©. The product is designed to be flexible, modular, reliable and easily deployed also with redundant configurations.
As for all Mida products, Lite Call Center and MidaRec are fully integrated and part of a single platform that is available as virtual appliance, supporting popular hypervisors (i.e. VMware) and distributed as OVA/OVF (Open Virtualization Format): system deployment is quick and easy.

Mida LCC and MidaRec can be deployed following three main architectural models: on-prem, cloud or hybrid. Both products are virtual appliances that run on common commercial hardware, so the customer can choose from the offer of their preferred provider (HP, Dell, etc.). They are based on a software platform (Mida eFramework) that underlies all Mida products. Platform and appliances are distributed as a single OVA file that can be easily loaded and installed on a virtualization environment.

Here is an example of how Mida products work with Ribbon to provide an on-prem deployment of Skype for Business call center. For small and medium businesses, Ribbon’s EDGE series SBC, combined with Mida’s LCC could be a cost-effective solution as shown in the picture below.
Incoming calls from the PSTN are routed by the SBC to Mida’s Queue Manager (Mida’s LCC core component), that queues them up while some agent becomes available. Once this happens, Queue Manager hands the call over to the agent. If required, Queue Manager can enable the recording of the call using MidaRec.
A similar schema applies to larger entities, that would find an ideal solution in Ribbon’s CORE SBC portfolio, as shown in the picture below. Note that, in this case, call recording by MidaRec could also be achieved using the SIPREC facility available in these SBCs.

The SMB example mentioned above could be easily migrated to Teams as shown in the picture below.

Note that the SBC and Mida applications continue to be deployed at the customer premises, this preserving the initial investment.

The solution, however, is open to a full migration into the cloud, thanks to Ribbon’s virtual SBCs (Software Edition/ Software Edition Lite virtual appliances) and Mida’s applications that are natively developed for the cloud. The cloud environment of choice would, of course, be Microsoft Azure, as shown in the picture below.

This solution is particularly suited for deployments based on legacy PBX, where the customer wants to keep the PBX to sweat his asset and continue to use the existing telephones, that may not fully compatible with the Teams environment.

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