SMS Comes To Contact Centers

When an entire generation uses their phones for nothing but social networking and sending text messages, smart contact center companies see an opportunity. Interactive Intelligence is one such company and recently added SMS as a channel as part of its multichannel contact center solutions.

Remember, kids today do not even check email. We could argue the reason for this… I personally think they don’t mind paying for messaging when email is free — because frankly, their parents are paying.

So if they use SMS only, then a bank needs a solution which allows checking account balances to be sent via SMS to customers. Obviously, other areas make sense for this technological addition. For example, flight alerts are a natural. Also what about sending an SMS when the call center has no wait?

Really, the potential for this addition is limitless and if you have customers under 18 and aren’t exploring using SMS in your call center, you are missing the boat.

  • Call Center Services, Contact Center Services
    November 26, 2008 at 12:32 am

    This article is a bit outdated as contact centers have been using SMS text messaging for years. Many times, the on-call personnel of a business do not want to answer business related telephone call, even if they are SUPPOSED to be on call. A text message is a very non intrusive way to relay information to the appropriate parties. It is also a very quick way to transmit information compared to a phone call or even an email address that can go unchecked.

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