IntelePeer And Communications Opportunities

We can sit around for hours and discuss where the global economy is going. And while this is a fun discussion, the reality is no one knows. What we do know however is people will still be communicating in the future and they will do it more often and in many different ways.

We also know various methods of communications will continue to intersect and augment one another.

As communications markets evolve, organizations which provide services which allow such interconnections to take place are positioned very well. One such company is IntelePeer, they provide hosted voice 2.0 service which embodies the best of peering, open APIs and SaaS.

Web 2.0 technologies are not going away and voice will continue to evolve as well. At the intersection of both is IntelePeer and the company just received an $18 million cash infusion in the most challenging funding climate imaginable.

Well that of course if you don’t count the trillion plus dollars global governments have sunk into a variety of troubled companies.

This funding news is a further sign that the communications market has tremendous financial potential and moreover, the ability to continue making us more productive and efficient.

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