Are Switch Lighting’s LED Bulbs the Future of Lighting?

With a heat dissipating aluminum heat sink as well as a proprietary liquid which not only cools the bulb but throws light in a very natural manner, it could be that Switch Lighting will be the GE of LED lighting. My editorial team and I were very impressed with what the company showed us at this past CES. One point worth making is these LED lights can work fine when hanging upside down making them useful for corporate/industrial applications. Other LED solutions have had overheating problems when they hang upside down and as a result the bulbs burn out quickly. At a price of around $30 and 25,000 hours of useful life, the first market for these bulbs which come in clear and frosted versions will be hospitality and restaurants. After 25,000 hours or about 25 years, the bulb should start to dim over time – as long as the electronics don’t burn out.

Moreover, once you have an intelligent light bulb, what other sorts of things can you do with them? Hint (WiFi and apps – think about the possibilities),

TMC’s Erik Linask has written about the company in detail in the past and below are two video interviews with the company I was involved in and worth sharing.

Brett Sharenow, CFO Switch Lighting being interviewed by Rich Tehrani (me)

Tracy Bilbrough, Switch Lighting being interviewed by Rich Tehrani (me)

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