• Jim
    May 17, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    how do I redial using my voyager 510 headset, or is it by voice command only.

  • Shawn Williamson
    November 14, 2008 at 10:04 am

    I was sent the Jabra 4010 and the functions work awesome, but the battery only last about 5 hours in stand by and 2 hours talk time which is horrible for any Bluetooth. I am a diehard Jabra fan but this has made me re-think about which one has the best quality pride in the workmanship you don’t see this any more in anyone’s work it is all about who can produce it the fastest and sell sell, sell which this is what I do. I only sell what I believe in and use on a daily basis. I read a review a few days a go about Samsung being the best they must be getting this info from the manufacture not from everyday people the can make a great tv but can’t make a good phone I get more returns on there phones then any of the others but the fact is this society has put more on quantity not quality even the best companies have cheapen there products just to keep up the sales numbers (Nokia) I have seen a vast drop in quality in this company the 6555i very poor far the worst phone I have ever seen from them hopefully this will get better. Lets take a moment and realize that why is fashion even considered as a part of designing a cellular phone you buy because it looks good or works so fantastic you get signal everywhere. lets stop dreaming and realize companies don’t care about the antenna strengths or the track ball falls out of the phone or the touch screen cracks in your pocket or even it won’t charge.. I would rather pay more money for a phone that actually works then buy or expect a free one you get what you pay for right

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