I Can Hear You Now, Can You?

Verizon Wireless I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you. Why must you have the best wireless service? Extremely fast EVDO access? Calls that rarely drop and then put me through hell daily?

I used to use a GSM network phone and the service was terrible. The devices however were amazing – they had bluetooth years before you did. SonyEricsson phones are amazing. They do everything for you and it is like putting a personal assistant into every phone. These devices are true productivity boosters.

What have you given me? Well when it comes to bluetooth you give us a Motorola V710 which has a terrible user interface. Nice camera, good reception but a user interface that seems to have had little usability testing. Why can’t you at least look at what SonyEricsson does?

Now that you have given us bluetooth, why cripple it? I have a cable that synchs names, phone numbers and addresses with my computer but it doesn’t work too well. Bluetooth is a much better way to synch. Of course you have intentionally disabled this and many other truly useful features.

Now that my Motorola phone is having problems (I probably dropped it one too many times) I am looking to see what other bluetooth devices are available. I can choose from the phone I have already, a huge PocketPC PDA or a color Blackberry with a crippled screen (it is smaller than the 7750 I currently use).

Is it so difficult to understand that we need a good bluetooth device? Yes, I know a larger screen means less battery life but I need the screen size.

Why is there only one bluetooth phone (I mean real phone mot hybrid device) available? Why a crippled Blackberry? No other options? This makes no sense.

In closing, Verizon, you have the best wireless network. You have the worst devices. Why? Perhaps this entry should be addressed to Verizon shareholders? Verizon Wireless, if you get some leading edge devices you will rule the world. I promise you this. You have superior coverage. Devices are you only weakness. Can you hear me now?


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