Meaningless Megapixels?

I learned about this article on megapixels from Tom Keating’s blog. To sum it up the article says megapixels don’t matter and there is proof this is the case. My cousin Terry says the quality of the lens limits the photo quality unless you have an SLR. Somehow I have trouble believing less megapixels are the same and yield indistinguishable results. If cousin Terry is right (and he is an avid photographer so perhaps he is) then megapixels really don’t matter. But I feel better thinking they do and I had a bad experience where one of my daughters had a priceless expression and was only taking up 5% of the photo. When we blew up the shot her face became pixilated. In theory more megapixels would have made this problem go away. But if Terry is right it would not. What’s your experience?

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