Podcast Vs Blogcast

Is it true that Microsoft workers don’t like the term podcast and are using blogcast instead? Seems like a tough battle to win as the ubiquity of the iPOD make the term podcast a no brainer. Apparently while Apple revels in the term and is incorporating Podcasting into their iTunes software the Redmond software titan is trying to come up with ways to combat Apple’s hold on the music/consumer electronics business.

An interesting New York Times article discusses how Apple is using Podcasting as a way to sell more iPods. In addition the article points out that it is turning the music business on its ear by giving away the razor blades (podcasts are to remain free according to Apple) and charging for the razors. The article makes a good read.

In my opinion Apple has inadvertently found a way to entrench their lead in the music business. When “pod” is in the name of the hottest audio phenomenon of recent memory and you sell a product with “pod” in its name, you are in great shape.

Let’s see how much money Bill Gates and company will throw at the term blogcast to see if they can change the term in the mind of consumers. Interestingly enough my Microsoft word spell-checker doesn’t recognize the term “blogcast.” Perhaps adding this term to Microsoft dictionaries should be the first step in trying to popularize blogcast.

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