Skype for Salesforce

One of the stories which caught my eyes recently was Skype and coming together to launch Skype for Salesforce. In the article there is a discussion of more and more call centers looking for ways to integrate Skype into their centers allowing any Skype user to seamlessly call in.
This story shows the growing need for companies to evaluate Skype compatibility in the products and services they purchase. There are certain segments of the market where this makes more sense than others.
In other words if your call center has wealthy American customers, Skype support may not be so important. If you have young international customers however, Skype support makes sense.
Is a Skype a must in your call center? No. You can achieve the same or similar results with a click to call button. But as more and more people get familiar with Skype think of this VoIP software client as just another communications mode or network in which to connect with your customers.

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