Taking Sirius Aim at iPod

Sure this article explains how XM might lose out to the Sirius Stiletto but the iPod is the bigger loser here. I listen to music exclusively on my phone now and wish I could listen to Satellite radio in my house. I can’t because the satellite signal won’t reach my house through all the trees. This device could allow me to store music via WiFi and listen to it at my convenience. Up to 100 hours can be stored. This could be the perfect music player but to really be perfect it needs a slot for additional storage.

  • VoIP Blog - Tehrani.com
    September 7, 2006 at 5:00 pm

    VoiPod is Coming

    Tom tells us that the Apple VoIPod may be on its way. OK this may be a VoIP device but it will have to be eventually. I first wrote about the VoIPod back in December 2004– Now I am waiting…

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