Why CRM is More Important Now Than Ever

It is no wonder that in a slowing economy there is an increased focus on customers, CRM technology and practices. Many companies are cutting in these areas and they are sure to suffer in comparison to companies who put the customer first.

In a slow economy you need to fight to gain and keep every customer you can.

If you aren’t keeping up with the latest on CRM tips, tricks, news and analysis – you are doing your company and shareholders a huge disservice. And most importantly you will likely be out of a job before you realize it.

Many companies are looking to cut cost and every person in an organization needs to work harder, smarter, better and faster or they will find themselves looking for work.

Fortunately, Inside CRM just put together their list of top CRM blogs which should keep you up to date on just about all you need to know in the space.

TMC’s David Sims made the list with his First Coffee blog which as the article points out is the only CRM blog to my knowledge to disclose the musical ambience during the time of blog composition.

Here are a few others who made this list. I didn’t list them all so as to not steal the thunder of the author Chris Bucholz:

In addition, I am sure my writing is not nearly as good as anyone else on this list but my CRM thoughts can be found under the CRM category tag in my blog.


  • Tom
    January 7, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    Apparently, one of your blog’s templates wasn’t inheriting from the master template due to some customization. All fixed now. No wonder why I couldn’t see the Sign In button yesterday to show you the Facebook profile pics.
    Well, this is your FIRST Facebook comment with profile pic. 🙂

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