L’Oréal Digital Transformation Continues

Apps which let you try on makeup have been around for a while and anyone with kids has likely seen them use them in the past. What is new though is L’Oréal integrating the Modiface AI-powered AR platform so consumers could try on makeup and then buy it on Amazon. They purchased Modiface back in March of last year.

The rollout comes a year after L’Oréal teamed up with Facebook to let the social network’s users try on virtual makeup samples through the Facebook app.

“We are excited to team up with ModiFace to make shopping for cosmetics online even easier by offering customers the ability to virtually try-on before they buy. With this new AI-powered virtual experience, Amazon customers can now … purchase with greater confidence — wherever they are, whenever they want, with products delivered right to their doorstep,” said head of Amazon Beauty Nicolas Le Bourgeois. “This launch is another important milestone in our vision to be the best possible place for customers to discover and buy beauty products online.”

Warby Parker unveiled a similar feature – except for glasses a few months back.

The idea in both cases is getting ready to shift the purchasing experience from in-store to online.

The L’Oréal Digital Transformation is real, it’s happening and they seem to be successfully navigating the real world to the virtual and in theory should be able to sell more makeup while ensuring customers are satisfied as they will know how they look in advance of the purchase.


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