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I wrote a blog entry about a Dell call center a while back and I have noticed that people from India keep commenting on it . They hope to use my blog as a way to get hired. The funny thing about many of these e-mails is the grammar. If you are really looking for work you should somehow get your grammar checked before posting things online for the world to see.

But the point is broader than that. Indian workers are desperate for work. I don’t get the sense that American workers are desperate. Sure, there are exceptions such as auto workers who were laid off but in general India has a massive population of people that absolutely must find work. They seem to want to do anything for work.

In a global economy jobs will continue to flow into places where workers are desperate. This will happen until wages around the globe level out. A good friend of mine Ephraim Cohen told me this a while back (and I am paraphrasing something he said to me a few years back so I hope I got it exactly right)  and he has all the international business degrees to back statements like this up.

You know what? After thinking about it over the years… He is right.

If you want to get in touch with Ephraim BTW he is at the Fortex Group a great PR firm which he founded.

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