Back From Orlando

I had a nice safe trip back to JFK and didn’t get stuck on Delta as I thought – it was Song. Thankfully there was little traffic on the way home. I did run into a few people in the parking lot on the way to my car. One was asking how to get o the monorail and the other was a family trying to get to Hertz. I was useless in both cases. Out of all the traveling I do to all the places in the world, I have to say without question that JFK has the worst signage of any airport. The head of the signage department must be the most sadistic person around. I imagine them looking at the lost passengers on a video screen and laughing.

On the way into work today I heard Rocco Dispirito on the radio., It seemed like he has his own show. if this is old news, I apologize as entertainment trivia is not a virtue I possess. You don’t want me on your Trivial Pursuit team. Anyway he was talking about Auto Zone who reports that locking gas cap sales have surged in recent weeks. Perhaps it was a 60% increase? I guess I was right as I googled it and came up with this story.

Apparently one of my coworkers went to school with Rocco. I am not into cooking shows and haven’t seen his. I don’t know about you but I just get hungry when I see cooking shows. I don’t need more incentive to eat.

When I got back home I was happy to see that my oldest daughter Priscilla is now sleeping back in her own bed. This means a future of nights free from being kicked and hoping I don’t roll over on her while asleep. Hopefully my youngest, Nicole who is only 3 months old will prefer to stay in her bed as she gets older.

When I got to TMC I noticed that TMCnet set another page view record yesterday. I have been checking page views pretty consistently each day and since our redesign we have set new daily page view records virtually every day. On Monday we just barely missed setting a record so I was disappointed. But on Wednesday we were up about 5% over the previous highest Wednesday.

We are continually updating TMCnet so I hope you will keep coming back and visiting and tell me if you have suggestions on how we can improve. I spoke with two people yesterday at the Vonexus conference who told me they like the redesign. One said the buyer’s guides need to be easier to find and that is definitely on the list to do. We are going to redesign the interface of the buyer’s guide soon but were focusing on the general TMCnet redesign for many months and that was top priority.

I hope all my readers have a productive, healthy and happy day today.

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