Attention Developers: You Could Win!


There is nothing that builds a resume more like an award and if you are a developer, you definitely want to keep an eye on the new Dialogic Innovator Award contest which will not only give you some great bragging rights, you could win some prizes as well.

Dialogic was nice enough to ask me to be one of the judges in fact and I am looking forward to being part of this program. Winners get a free one-year service and support contract, a $5,000 credit towards future Dialogic products, t-shirts, press releases and an Innovator logo which I imagine can be invaluable in boosting a company’s marketing efforts.

Sure it isn’t a $75,000 motorcycle – which makes a great gift for your favorite blogger by the way, but hey, times are tough. 😉



The catch? None really – you have to apply of course and Dialogic wants to also take a moment to invite you to participate in the Dialogic Exchange Network while they have your attention.

At one point in my career I was a programmer and I wish I had the time to participate in this contest. If I did, I would write an app that taps into all my social networks and then monitors my cell phone’s GPS to determine when I am in the car. When I am driving, I would want it to call me every 15 minutes and update me on what’s happening with my friends and relatives. I would want my news alerts tapped as well in case there is breaking news I need to know about.

Oh and of course I would want WAV file to social networking integration in this app so I could speak and have the files live on the net with links from Twitter, etc.

But that’s just me and you don’t need to do what I said to win. It wouldn’t hurt of course. 😉 You have until September 30th 2009 to apply so open a new window right now and get started. Good luck!

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