Book ITEXPO Now to Save Hundreds

Today is the last day to save hundreds or thousands on registration

We have been seeing an incredible stream of registrations for ITEXPO and related events and as is always the case, my team has done its absolute best to make this show better than ever. At TMC we take education extremely seriously and in a trade show market where companies regularly fold up and go away, we are proud to be putting on industry-leading events for 24 years.

What I have personally learned over the years is if you provide the best education to your customers with a wide enough array of topics, your attendees walk away very happy. The challenge is to be broad enough while allowing for a laser-like focus on the important topics of the day.

What can you learn about at ITEXPO? Here is just some of the awesome content we have assembled under one roof and at one time:

Here are even more happenings.

And yes, we are still raffling off a car to one lucky attendee (details forthcoming) who is present at the show and yes the exhibit hall is free if you book in advance.

Please be aware that airfares and potentially hotel rates will be higher than you expect this year so you want to book your travel and hotel immediately to not waste money.

I personally know from decades of experience that this conference is the only one where you can learn virtually everything you need to in communications and technology and this one trip will allow you to stay on top of everything you need to in the market. I wouldn’t be caught dead making a purchase in tech or telecom without attending this event or one very similar to it.

Having said that we are very proud to point out the combination of participating companies at ITEXPO and collocated events has not been duplicated anywhere and you can only meet with them at ITEXPO this October 4-6, 2010 in Los Angeles. I truly hope to see you there.

  • Bobby
    August 6, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    New to this blog, but the Expo sounds like a fantastic resource for information. Essentially, all business comm segments under one roof. If not this year, then next!

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