CRG West Promotes John Savageau

John-Savageau_sm_[1].jpgJohn Savageau one of the hardest working people I know in the carrier hotel/data center business was just promoted to CTO of CRG West where he will get to focus more on the company’s peering and ICT offerings. Perhaps no one is more deserving of a promotion.

John has been an instrumental part of CRG West’s expansion from two to eleven data centers and John is a true thought leader in the space. In my many discussions with Savageau, he has explained in intricate detail what separates his data centers from the run of the mill and brimmed with pride when he gave me a tour of the company’s famous One Wilshire building which is located literally a few blocks from where ITEXPO will be held next week in Los Angeles.

John was a career US Air Force officer and when you speak with him you get the sense of his military background. There is just something about the precision in the way he speaks.

Many people take for granted that interconnections in facilities like the ones John manages are responsible for supplying entire countries with internet traffic. A single wire cut accidentally in one of CRG West’s meet me rooms can actually wipe out internet access for millions of users.

In addition, these facilities are how companies, universities and government agencies are able to communicate directly without needing to go through service providers.

Certainly you will find John networking at the ITEXPO show and I am looking forward to congratulating in person on his new position.

I should also mention that the voice peering market needs interconnections in facilities such as those provided by Telx, CRG West, Terremark, etc. If you are looking to learn more about voice peering be sure to come to the Voice Peering Summit at ITEXPO next week.

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