Diabetes Linked To Alzheimer’s

If you live the sedentary life of a blogger you should take note of a recent article in USA Today discussing the links between insulin levels, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Basically a high fat diet and increased fat in the system increase your chances of getting Alzheimer’s. Diet and exercise seem crucial in keeping the disease at bay.

I advocate an hour for exercise each day where bloggers and blogees (did I really just say that?) take a break and hit a treadmill or some weights.

Last Time I saw Andy Abramson he showed me how he can blog from a cell phone so we expect him at least to keep blogging during the blackout period. Perhaps Andy can share his secrets with the rest of the blogging community.

Here is an excerpt:

Cole’s research found that mice fed a fatty lab chow developed insulin resistance. That condition, in turn, fueled a problem thought to be central to Alzheimer’s: a build-up of a poisonous short protein called beta amyloid.

Beta amyloid clumps together, damaging brain cells and connections. It is thought to play a central role in memory loss and other symptoms of the disease. Cole published his findings in December in the Journal of Neuroscience.

The findings highlight the risks of excess weight, but they also suggest novel ways to deal with Alzheimer’s, which typically strikes after age 60 and can take eight years or longer to ravage the brain.

  • John Woodard
    November 2, 2007 at 6:34 pm

    There is growing evidence that a long recognized age-related elevation of the 2 hour blood sugar level may be the earliest clinical manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease, appearing many years prior to the dementia. This potentially implies a great opportunity for intervention in the basic disease process from the earliest stages. Any theorey of the basic process must explain why cell death and tissue atrophy involves the liver and the heart as well as the brain. http://www.saynotodementia.com

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