VoIP E911 Extension

The entire VoIP E911 debacle is amazing to me. In this article about the FCC VoIP E911 extension you can learn the details of what is happening with the FCC and the cut-off date that was extended 30 days. The article gives a good history of what is happening in the market.

Here is a salient portion of the article that:

"During this additional period of time, the Bureau expects that all interconnected VoIP providers that qualify for this extension will continue to use all means available to them to obtain affirmative acknowledgements from all of their subscribers," the notice said.

I also wrote about the FCC E911 Extension but from the viewpoint that the VoIP industry is not being treated fairly. I get the feeling we are second class citizens in the eyes of the FCC. In reality VoIP is providing what the FCC has not been able to effectively provide over the years –true telephony competition.

One would think the FCC would spend more time promoting the technology and educating consumers on how for the first time ever, they have real competition. For the first time in history a venture backed company can take on a giant like AT&T and actually win!

Perhaps I am just too emotional because I am in the trees but even the FCC commissioners must see Vonage ads… Right? They must get it. All I ask is for a bit more recognition of what our industry is doing to make real competition in telephone service a reality.

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