Drive And Talk Via WiFi

wifi-phone.jpgUse that WiFi phone in the car… Good news for those of you who like your WiFi phone but just haven’t been able to get it to work properly in the car. Now, you can use a WiFi phone or even take advantage of videoconferencing  while driving 70 MPH down the interstate.

This will come courtesy of Chrysler as many of their future cars will have a new entertainment system called uconnect which also has a 3G connection and in-car WiFi connectivity. The good news, we can really be connected wherever we are… The bad news of course is no one will be able to afford to drive anywhere the way gas prices are going up. At this rate we can expect Chrysler cars to become mobile hotspots which drive short distances and then stop to allow people to surf.

Perhaps some enterprising entrepreneurs can even start charging for connectivity to offset some of the fuel cost.

Now that T-Mobile is out at Starbucks, perhaps they can get back at the coffee company and AT&T by setting up Chrysler WiFi vans outside coffeehouses and restaurants nationwide. 🙂

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