Fuel Prices Fuel Technology

As fuel prices increase, so does the desire to come up with reasonable alternatives. Some of these efforts revolve around conservation and others have to do with new technologies which make it possible to bypass oil, coal and natural gas.

Today is an unusual day as we have new examples in each category. Detroit has a new mobile web traffic monitoring service which is ad supported and allows drivers to tap into 600 traffic cameras. The theory here is you will see where the traffic is and drive around it. Hopefully this will reduce traffic and save drivers time.

The service called Mobileyes has been launched by 3rd Dimension, Inc. In addition to Detroit, the 3rd Dimension real-time mobile phone traffic service is already available in Hartford, Conn.; New York; Los Angeles; Kansas City; Houston; Knoxville; Indianapolis; and Washington, D.C. It is compatible with data enabled phones on the Sprint, Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile networks; users can access the service from anywhere on popular smart phones such as the BlackBerry, Palm Treo and the Motorola Q.

In other news of the latter type, MIT researchers have found a way to imitate photosynthesis and in doing so can now take the energy of the sun and store it by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. The breakthrough here is the catalyst made from cobalt phosphate which allows this to happen and moreover a side benefit is that excess solar power can now easily be stored as hydrogen molecules which can power a clean burning generator.

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